About Us

Ar-yıldız, which was founded in year 1948, carried trademark reliability to home textile sector with the trademark of Aryıldızhome through its first step taken in year 2013 and starting activities, it keeps its place near the top in the list of leading companies today, which follow international sector developments and trends closely, become popular through telling the kitchen culture with its elegant designs in kitchen and telling sleeping culture with stylish and trend pattern products in home textile. It represents our country successfully at both domestic and foreign markets. 

Ar-yıldız, which has totally 72.000 m2 of manufacturing area that 37.000 m2 of it is covered, has made no compromises from its perfectionism understanding at product and service since its foundation with its trademark understanding focused on quality and design. While it creates all its designs with its own team, it also performs its manufacturing in its own plants and prepares collections at each season that specifies the sector trends. With the investments it has made on R&D department, which has 24 professional personnel, it continues its growing at each period with scalable values. 

Ar-yıldız, which operates according to production with stock, considers the supply and demand situation of its products and manages its manufacturing as the friends of trademark who most prefer them, can find any time. It performs the distribution of more than 6.000 items as fork, knife, spoon, cooking pot, tea pot and table service accessories being in the first place regarding kitchen products and the textile products, which are the need of your home regarding Home Textile products, at elite stores in almost all cities of Turkey through meeting them with trend patterns of the year and with 200 product types; remembers the high quality at each sales point; proves its power to the sector through its dealer network existing all regions of our country. 

Ar-Yıldız trademark, which continues its activities through the management understanding focused on “customer” and “productivity”, gained trust through addressing to the pleasure and quality understanding of target group by means of attaching importance to training of personnel and with the identity of “friendly” trademark up to present. And it has crowned this trust with “Consumer Quality Awards” received successively in years 2010 and 2011.

Ar-Yıldız trademark, assumes manufacturing and leadership at manufacturing as the main source of success, operates without sacrificing pair of “quality and trust” at no time; experiences the pride of registration of its technology power’s conformity used by it to world standards with the "2011 European Union Quality Awards”. 

Ar-Yıldız trademark, which has been creating difference for long years with its unusual designs and service understanding in Kitchen Culture, nor carries this unusual services to the trade name of AryıldızHome and expands the friendship circle formed with trade mark friends each passing day.

Reaching its wide vision planning future from today, with Kitchen Culture and Sleeping Culture to product users is the priority of Aryıldız trademark… 

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